We want to be the #1 destination for best-in-class Managed Cloud Hosting Services


Afterburner is powered by the same people behind the magic over at Eclarian. We wanted a place where we could focus on hosting clients’ sites and continue to accelerate their brand into the future. We saw a gap in the market for the services we are offering and we’re here to fulfill it!

Great Web Hosting Matters!

Having a good host is as important as having world-class design and excellent content. The difference between a good host and a bad host are things like slow load times, non-existent security, and poor customer service. If you’ve ever been hacked, lost business from downtime, or spent hours on the phone with ‘tech’ support that knows less than you do; then you know exactly what bad hosting does to a website. We’ve seen too many people build a beautiful website to then put it on a cheap, afterthought hosting plan that led the website to disintegrate beneath a tide of competition and hacking.  Hosting is the foundation of a website. It will either support your towering enterprise. Or crumble beneath you. Have you ever heard of an afterthought foundation? Neither have I.

How We Chose the Name Afterburner

The Afterburner on a jet engine is a part that re-burns the fuel after it exits the main portion of the engine. This re-burning greatly increases the speed of the jet. Afterburner Hosting is meant to increase the efficacy of the main investment you’ve already put into your website. We chose the name Afterburner because we felt it reflected what we wanted to accomplish. We wanted a hosting option that continued to accelerate clients’ investment. Too many sites are abandoned after launch. Left unattended, unupdated. Alone in the world with no one to care for it. Don’t let your site become like so many others! We stand for No Site Left Behind. We think it’s absolutely insane to spend so much money on design and development just to watch your investment rot away! The services we offer are meant to boost your site into the future, keeping it alive and well for years to come. That is why we think your site needs an Afterburner. Afterburner Hosting.