January 2, 2017

Managed Updates

WordPress offers an immense amount of flexibility and power to its users. Just like any piece of software, it becomes out of date and vulnerable to attacks as technology changes and the web’s ecosystem shifts. The first and best way to keep your WordPress website secure is to keep the software up to date. The problem with WordPress updates? New updates are not always tested with all your plugins and themes, so they occasionally break a website when the updates are applied! That’s why we offer our Managed Updates process.

During a Managed Update we first confirm we have a recent backup of your site, just in case something were to go wrong (this is in addition to our automatic system of backups that we keep for all our customers). We then update WordPress as well as as many plugins that can be safely and securely updated through WordPress’s update panel. We may update themes that have released security patches, but this is done at the discretion of our update team. (We will not update plugins or themes that have been modified as part of custom development, or that are likely to experience breaking changes after the update. In this type of scenario, updating the plugin or theme could erase custom additions or change/break the look of the website.) After the update we run a battery of tests (automated, manual, and/or visual) to make sure the updates were successful. Our team actually puts human eyes on the website to make sure everything looks normal! Afterburner Hosting does not offer “automatic WordPress updates” and we won’t auto-break your site and leave you to deal with it. If an update does¬†fail, we can roll back the changes. We also offer a hosting plan that will include fixing your website at no extra cost.