July 1, 2018

Why do hackers target WordPress?

The WordPress CMS is extremely popular! The software is easy to use and it powers millions of websites, over 27% of the entire internet. And it has over 50% market share of all Content Management Systems. It’s been translated into 72 different languages. There are WordPress conventions in over 34 countries. WordPress is a global force that is only growing in popularity.

Why do hackers want to gain access to your WordPress site?

The answer is simpler than you might think.

  1. Send spam or phishing campaigns
  2. Install malicious code to infect website visitors
  3. Use the server to attack other, more valuable targets
  4. Proxy their illegal activity to hide from authorities
  5. Steal your data, or your client data
  6. Block access to your data or client data to collect a ransom from you
  7. Deface or spread propaganda

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Your website is an asset and marketing tool. Using outdated software is not worth the risk!